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37 Days to Clean Credit is a multifaceted do it yourself credit repair kit by self proclaimed credit expert Chris B. and includes tutorials and all the needed forms designed for persons with bad credit with no experience in credit repair.

37 Days to Clean Credit 3 Step Process

This is the three step process involved in repairing your credit that this program teaches you.

  1. Get a free copy of your credit report (37 Days to Clean Credit shows how).
  2. Enter your personal details into the provided letter template.
  3. Mail the letters to the places revealed in 37 Days to Clean Credit.

This is the standard procedure anyone can use at any time to have negative entries from their credit report removed to raise their credit score and develop a good credit score.

37 Days to Clean Credit Review

37 Days to Clean Credit comes with:

  1. Module #1 – 37 Days to Clean Credit Course.
  2. Module #2 – Interest Annihilation Method – credit card expert Scott Bilker reveals how to get approved for 0% APR credit cards.
  3. Module #3 – Credit Millionaire System – Best-Selling Author Donna Fox of Credit Millionaire reveals system to become credit rich.
  4. Module #4 – Credit Repair Mastery – how to beat the credit rating system to increase your credit score in a short period of time.
  5. Module #5 – Book of 42 credit report dispute letters.

37 Day Credit Repair

37 Days to Clean Credit costs a one time $37 and comes with the standard 60 day money back guarantee as well as the authors personal guarantee that is if you implement just one of the many credit boosting strategies and don’t boost your credit score at 20 points from that one strategy Chris will work directly with you one on one. 37 Days to Clean Credit can be obtained from their aptly named website 37daystocleancredit.com. 37 Days to Clean Credit website was created Sep. 2009.

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