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7Search is a leading pay per click search engine advertising and affiliate network which allows website owners and publishers to obtain internet traffic at a cost of as little as 1 cent per click making 7Search one of the least expensive ppc networks.

7Search currently serves advertiser results for over one billion searches per month. 7Search has a tool that allows you to see how many searches different keywords get and how much people are bidding on them.

7Search Advertisers

7Search has 40,000+ ppc advertisers. 7Search offers online companies and websites a low priced opportunity to obtain new business leads or sales from higher quality traffic across all business verticals. 7Search protects advertisers from low quality garbage traffic via data validation and a patented fraud detection system.

7Search Members Area

The 7Search members area is simple and highly intuitive in terms of creating campaigns and ads and setting bids per click. 7Search utilizes what is known as an open bidding system. You can increase your ads visibility by setting a higher bid price per click. With most keywords and keyword phrases extremely good ad positions of 3rd place or better are possible at a cost of no more than 5 cents a click with bids as low as 1 cent per click allowed on most keywords. 7Search also provides the opportunity for website owners to display 7Search ads on their websites and get paid every time a visitor clicks on one of the 7Search advertisements.

7Search has broad search, phrase search, and exact match search options. Signing up with 7Search is free. Once your account is created you can begin advertising by depositing as little as $25 into your 7Search account. Another bonus of being a 7Search advertiser is a couple times a year 7Search runs a special where they deposit $100 into your account when you ad $500 or more. You can visit 7Search website to sign up.

7Search Review

7search traffic quality sometimes seems to be questionable. It seems as though the click fraud protection and prevention algorithims are not as strong as the larger, more expensive, pay per click search engines such as Adwords, Bing and Yahoo pay per click.

7Search is located is Des Plaines Ill and has been in business online since May 1999. 7Search can be reached by phone toll free: 1.800.577.1165 and by email at webadmin@7search.com. Although 7Search is sometimes criticized for having traffic that is not as high quality as the larger pay per click engines such as Yahoo or Bing but most 7Search advertisers state the traffic quality is sufficient especially considering the dramatically lower cost per click.