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A Background Check is the investigation of the background and history of a person made by another person or organization for the purpose of determining how risky or safe a relationship, business or otherwise, is with the person the Background Check is being performed on.

What a Background Check Reveals

Information revealed in a Background Check can include:

  • Personal history such as previous residences.
  • Criminal history such as arrests and convictions including sex offendors.
  • Landlord evictions.
  • Credit score and financial background.
  • Court records such as judgments.
  • Property records.

Types of People Background Checks

The most common reasons for Background Checks include:

  • An employers screening a potential employee for employment.
  • A landlord or apartment management screening a potential new resident.
  • Any individual wanting to find out more information about the past of another person for the purpose of safety or trustworthiness.

There are many Background Check services available. The least expensive Background Check services can be found on the internet and usually cost a nominal annual fee for unlimited access to information. Some Background Check services charge on a per usage basis meaning they charge individually for each Background Check performed.