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A cover letter is a letter that is an explanation or summary of another long or more complicated letter or a letter explaining the contents of a parcel the letter is within.

Cover letters are mostly associated with resumes and jobs as a cover letter in this context is a short and brief summary of your skills and/or why you want/or would be good for the job position you are applying for.

Cover Letter for Job Application

Cover Letter is mostly associated with and the impression it’s giving to potential employers. A Cover Letter is professional element to your application and very important. A cover Letter is to, briefly and in summary, address your qualifications for the job opening. It can be thought of as the headline or teaser for your job resume. Cover Letter helps you make that great first impression. You can use our free cover letter creator and use the layout as a sample cover letter for a resume or job application or try out the amazing cover letter creator. Cover Letter is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. It is a traditional and essential part of any job application.

Parts of a Cover Letter

A cover Letter is comprised of several parts: contact information, a salutation, the body or main part of the cover letter, and an appropriate closing. One of the best and easiest ways to write a cover letter is do an internet search for “example cover letter”. There are paid services that will right your cover letter for you if you feel that is needed or appropriate. It is basically conveying your interest in a job position and unique skills in only a relatively small amount of space – a paragraph or so. It is 2 or 3 paragraphs at most. It is used as an introduction of yourself and should accompany your resume no matter whether e-mailed, posted on a job site, mailed, or hand delivered to an employer. A Cover Letter is your first opportunity to make an impression on a potential employer.

How to Write a Cover Letter

There are three general types of cover letters:

  1. The application letter which responds to a known job opening (cover letter samples).
  2. The prospecting letter which inquires about possible positions (inquiry letter samples).
  3. The networking letter which requests information and assistance in your job search (networking letter examples).

Your cover letter should be customized to include:

  1. The specific job you’re applying for
  2. How you found out about the job
  3. What skills and abilities you have that make you a good candidate for the job.
  4. What, specifically, you have to offer the employer.
  5. Thanking the employer for taking the time to review your cover letter and resume.

See how to write a cover letter.

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