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A Good SAT Score is any score above 1500 with the best possible SAT score you can get being a perfect 2400.

Good Sat Score is one that is good enough to get admission into the college of your choice. SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a test designed to determine your academic readiness for college. A Good Sat Score is that it increases the chance for students to get renowned colleges or universities.

Understanding SAT Scores

The higher the SAT score the better college or university you will be accepted to. It also helps students to get admission and scholarship in under graduate level. This is different for each student and college. A Good Sat Score, which tools designed to assess your academic readiness for college, helps your application. A Good Sat Score is achieved by the student who puts in the hard work and has determination, whereas the students who neglects tends to get average sat score putting himself in a bad situation. This is one of the reasons taking high school seriously – as seriously as college is extremely important. It is almost impossible to “cram” for an SAT and it is pretty tough to try to make up for goofing of in high school.

Good Sat Score is subjective to a degree. A Good Sat Score is different for every student and depends on your plans for the future, your career of choice and your college goals. While searching for your college of choice, you’ll want to take a look at the numbers in the area of college ranking and admissions. Depending upon your career path a good SAT score may not be so important. Someone wanting to get into an ivy league college a high SAT testing score is much more important.

What if you have a Good SAT Score but Bad Grades

Colleges look at everything and everything matters. If there were two identical students applying to a college and student A had great SAT scores and bad grades and student B had great SAT scores and great grades as well and the college could only accept one of the students the college would obviously accept the student with the good grades AND good SAT scores. It really depends upon the college however.

If you are planning on getting into a top notch, ivy league school like Harvard or Princeton then you are going to need to have great SAT scores and great grades. With lesser colleges if you score great on your SAT then not doing as well with you GPA or overall grades is not so important.