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Hashtag is a way of tagging words or phrases on social media networks such as twitter to easy search and following of a conversation or topic.

As an example, if you are watching or are interested in music award there will be a Hashtag to find it on a social network, like twitter, via #musicawards or whatever specific Hashtag is applied to that topic on the social network. The most common, but not only, social network to use Hashtags is Twitter. A Hashtag is a digital bookmark of sorts. It is label on Twitter (or another social network) to aid searching. It is a word or acronym used to describe a tweet in order for people to easily and quickly follow the conversation. This word or phrase prefixed with # is a single keyword (or words strung together) that communicates the context of the tweet so a Hashtag not only helps you find the content you are looking for but a Hashtag makes it obvious what the topic is about.

Hash tag Example

For example a topic on twitter about an approaching storm would make sense to be Hash tagged #stormernie or something similar. At quick glance you instantly know what the topic of conversation is about. Hashtag helps you to stay in the conversation, so anything you post with the Hashtag used by that community will be seen by the people within the community. If you are posting online content a Hashtag makes it very easy for people or followers to find and follow your online content. Hashtags can be an effective addition to your social media strategy. A Hashtag can effectively label or identify your own brand or product, thus allowing people to easily filter out the noise of the masses.