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AdTrackzGold is a link tracking, link cloaking software program that lets you see where all your website traffic is coming from, which online campaigns are profitable and which are not, and use these link and ad tracking results to concentrate and grow online content and campaigns that are working.

AdTrackzGold allows you to tag and compare effectiveness of all different traffic sources whether paid or natural SEO traffic.

AdTrackzGold Advertising Tracking Software

AdTrackzGold allows you to:

  • Track sales, subscriptions, downloads, etc. from each of your traffic sources.
  • Track sales and actions on remote, affiliate websites.
  • Calculate cost per click, cost per sale, and cost per action for each one of your traffic sources.
  • Track which keyword generates the sale in Adwords, Overture, or any major ppc engine.
  • Protect affiliate sales from commission theft with encrypted html redirect pages.
  • Shorten urls.
  • See what urls people came from before clicking your ads or links.
  • Group campaigns by website, type of ad, purpose of campaign, etc.
  • A/B split testing.
  • Track which keyword results in a sale for website.
  • Customized statistics reports.

Purchase of AdTrackzGold link and campaign tracking software from AdTrackzGold website costs a one time $77 and the license is good for unlimited number of domains. Includes free installation on your web server if required.

AdTrackzGold Requirements

To successfully install and use AdTrackzGold on your web server the web server requirements:

  • Unix, Linux, FreeBSD.
  • PHP Version 4.2 or later.
  • Apache Web Server 1.3 or later.
  • MySQL Database 2.23.32 or later.

AdTrackzGold Demo

A visit to the AdTrackzGold website offers a demo control panel which reveals the following features:

  • Create campaign.
  • Campaign management.
  • Statistics overview.
  • Split testing.
  • Link cloaking.
  • Keyword tracking.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • PPC landing page.
  • Export statistics.
  • User manual.

AdTrackzGold Review

AdTrackzGold AdTrackzGold comes with a full 60 money back guarantee that is backed by Clickbank. The AdTrackzGold website business is owned by TBIT Design, inc., was created April 2005 and is located in Las Vegas NV.