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Affiliate Marketing is a popular way of making money online by promoting the products of another company for a commission on each sale you generate.

The person doing the promoting of products or services of other companies for commissions is called an affiliate or affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketing growth has expanded so that it is now a significant force in selling products and services online.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which the business rewards the affiliate for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. To be successful at Affiliate Marketing requires no prior experience. The way Affiliate Marketing works is the person interested in the opportunity to make money online fills out an affiliate application with an affiliate network. An affiliate network is a membership website with hundreds, to as many as hundreds of thousands, of vendors. Vendors are the businesses that will pay the affiliate for promoting them.

Types of Affiliate Networks

There are basically three types of affiliate networks:

  1. Affiliate networks that approve affiliates immediately and allow the affiliate to promote any and all vendors in its network. An example of such an affiliate network is Clickbank.
  2. Affiliate networks that are much stricter in terms of who they approve. A type of affiliate network referred to as a CPA network is usually very strict about who they approve to their affiliate network. An example of such an affiliate network is MaxBounty.
  3. Affiliate networks that will approve just about anyone but approval from each individual vendor is required to market their product. Commission Junction is an example of this type of affiliate network.

Once approved as an affiliate the affiliate can decide which products or service they wish to promote. The affiliate then gets a special type of link for each product they choose to promote called an affiliate link. These links are specially coded so that when someone clicks on them they are taking to that vendors website. If the visitor to the vendors website purchases a product or service the special coded affiliate link automatically credits the affiliate with the sale so the affiliate will get paid the appropriate commissions for referring the visitor to the vendors website.

How to do Affiliate Marketing

An incredible free resource for learning, step by step, how to do affiliate marketing is the Affiliate Switchblade marketing tutorial for beginners. The most common way an affiliate performs Affiliate Marketing is they create websites or blogs that talk about the product or service they are promoting. Some affiliates create review sites that compare several similar products side by side, comparing the pros and cons of each product. These are called review sites. Most of the time affiliates who choose the review site method of affiliate marketing lie about the value of the products on their sites just to make sales.

The affiliate includes these special coded affiliate links for the products they discuss on their blog or website. Another method of affiliate marketing is where the affiliate creates clone sites of the product they are trying to make sales for. The idea is that these clone sites will show up in search results and get traffic. Sometimes the affiliate product companies terms of service prohibit this type of affiliate marketing because it intercepts traffic and sales the original site would have gotten anyway without the affiliate marketers efforts.

Affiliate Marketing Spam

Affiliate Marketing has become so popular and so competitive the amount of low quality content spam has exploded online. This is because many affiliates use content spinning software and similar methods that rapidly produces awkwardly read, low quality, gibberish for the purpose of tricking the search engines into displaying this content so the affiliate gets search engines visitors which lead to affiliate sales. In fact because of the huge increase of content spam online as a result of the popularity of Affiliate Marketing has caused all major search engines to drastically modify and change the way they crawl and index websites and blogs in an attempt to weed out the spam. A recent example of such a change is the Panda Update.

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