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Amazing Cover Letters is a software program by Jimmy P Sweeney which is actually called Amazing Cover Letter Creator that allows anyone to easily create the perfect job resume cover letter by simply answering a series of questions.

One much talked about feature of Amazing Cover Letters is what is referred to as the ‘secret sentence’ which claims to dramatically boost your job interview ratio. The main concept behind Amazing Cover Letters is that a cover letter is actually a sales letter that sells you. Most other cover letters look exactly the same and are very generic, boring and flat. Amazing Cover Letters promises to make your cover letter and job resume pop and really stand out from the many cover letters a potential employer goes through on a daily basis.

How to Make your Cover Letters Amazing

Since the cover letter is the first thing the potential employer will see it is the first impression of you and Amazing Cover Letters makes your job cover letter stand out. Jimmy P. Sweeney, creator of Amazing Cover Letters, has 25 years of marketing and sales. Amazing Cover Letters promises to make the employers decision to grant you a job interview easy and actually make the employer excited to meet you.

Amazing Cover Letters Review

Amazing Cover Letter Creator costs a one time $39 and is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. This gives you two months to use everything in the Amazing Cover Letter Creator kit to find the perfect job. Amazing Cover Letters was created June 2002.