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Autoresponder is an email protocol where an email is automatically replied to, usually immediately, by a system without the need for human intervention.

Autoresponder is a way an online business can immediately reply to an email with pertinent information and inform the original sender of the email that their email has been received and will be attended to by a live person shortly. An example of an Autoresponder is when you send an email to someone and you get a response, called a bounced email, informing you the message could not be delivered because the email you sent the message to is not valid.

Entire online businesses are dedicated to Autoresponders and are used for the purpose of online email marketing by delivering pre planned, timed email messages that contain information and advertising. Most online Autoresponder businesses use a double opt-in methods to ensure the recipient of the emails wants them and is not considered spam.

Auto Responder Companies

Examples of online Autoresponders include:

  • Aweber.
  • Constant Contact.
  • Campaigner.
  • MailChimp.
  • GetResponse.
  • InfusionSoft.

There are WordPress plugins, like WPsubscribers, that are used to help a website owner build his subscriber base to send Autoresponder marketing messages to. Autoresponders are also used by people when they go on vacation or won’t be able to respond to emails for a set period of time. They set the Autoresponder options in their mail client settings.