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Anonymous Email is email sent in a way that will make the email look like it is coming from someone else and hide the identity of the person sending the email.

Anonymous Email is usually accomplished via re-mailers which are email servers that forward your message to the recipient after stripping the headers information making the sender anonymous or only displaying email headers of the re-mailer itself.

Anonymous Email Types

There are two basic types of Anonymous Email services:

  1. Web based – a website where you can send Anonymous Email.
  2. Software – send Anonymous Emails from your PC.

Anonymous Email is traceable to the true sender but difficult to do if you select the right Anonymous Email service. It is possible to set up a string of multiple remailers making tracking the source of the email next to impossible. There are Anonymous Email software programs but be cautious of the fact anything sent directly from your computer has the ip address as a signature trace. Use of a proxy server is a good idea with either a web based or software based Anonymous Email service. Anonymous Email services usually let you specify any fake sender you wish. Some of them have full fledged text editors for advanced formatting for including back links as well as being notified when the anonymous mail has been read by the recipient such as 5ymail.