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Article Keyword Density Tool is an SEO related tool (both web based and software keyword density tools exist) that allows you to enter an article or piece of text and find out the percentage of times a keyword or keyword phrase occurs within that article.

The idea or intent behind this tool is to make sure a keyword or keyword phrase does not appear too many or too few times within the content. If a keyword appears too many or too few times then that article or piece of content won’t perform as well in seo search engine rankings than if the article or piece of content is at the right density value.

More Important than Article Keyword Density

Keep in mind that when it comes to key phrase density there is no magic number or formula. What is more important for an article or webpage to achieve good results and page rank in the search engines is that article or content is of extremely good quality and value. Search engine algorithms today are way too advanced to be tricked and doing so is considered black hat seo.

The Right Keyword Density Value?

As long as the percentage falls anywhere between 3% – 6% you are fine. Over 6% will most likely be interpreted as keyword stuffing by the search engines. Anything under 3% will likely result in other keywords in your content being deemed more relevant by the search engines. The best way to create quality content is pretend you are in school and the teacher wants you to create a report on the topic of your chosen keyphrase. You are determined to get a A on that report. This ensures you created the highest quality content possible. Keyword density should follow second.

Follow these few rules and as long as the content you create is high quality and high value your content will rank as best as possible.

  • Place the key phrase you wish to rank for once in the title of the article.
  • Insert that same key phrase in the body of the article and make sure if falls within the 3% – 6% range.
  • If the key phrase you are optimizing for is a long tail keyword try to have each of the words, individually, fall within the 3% – 6% range as well.