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AsianBeauties is an international dating site geared towards Western men interested in starting a real relationship with single Asian women from around the world.

AsianBeauties provides the service of access to an active and verified group of Asian women looking to date men from overseas. AsianBeauties, unlike most dating sites, provides direct one on one assistance in finding you someone you can connect with on a long term level and possibly marry.

Asian Beauties Credit System

Asian Dating website uses a credits system for engaging in live chat, email correspondence, and phone calls. Credits are purchased at so many cents per minute. The more credits you purchase at one time the less the per credit cost.

Asian Beauties Member Verification

AsianBeauties International Dating undertakes full verification of all Asian ladies registered across its sites based on:

  • Document checking.
  • Video interviews.
  • 24/7 website monitoring.
  • Background checks.

The Asian ladies selected to be female members of AsianBeauties undergo interviews and ID confirmations by AsianBeauties staff, and are ascertained to be genuinely looking for a mate. This screening and verification process is intended to weed out Asian women abroad with less than honorable intentions provide a consistently positive experience for men seeking Asian female long term companionship. AsianBeauties even arranges tours so you can travel to the Orient to meet your perfect Asian match i.e. any Asian ladies you have been interacting and chatting with on the AsianBeauties. The Asian Beauties online dating service was designed in such a way to ensure easy navigation through their many social features and options.

Asian Beauties Review

AsianBeauties matchmaking service was first founded in January 1997 making it one of the very first online dating services. Every page of the AsianBeauties website has their toll free phone number at the top of every page.