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Cell Phone Spy Is A Technology, Software Or Hardware, That Lets You Monitor And Track The Communications And Activities Of A Mobile Device including Cell Phones and Tablets.

Cell Phone Spy makes most all communications and activities that occur on a target cell phone visible to the person doing the monitoring and tracking of the target phone. The most commonly used type of cell phone spy is software based and this type of mobile spyware can be obtained from many different mobile monitoring companies. Software based mobile phone spyware is comprised of two, specialized, software programs that work together as a team:

  1. A smart phone app that does the spying which gets installed to the phone that is being tracked and monitored. This app also transmits the secretly captured data to a second software program, a web server.
  2. A web server receives and displays the information transmitted by the smart phone app. The job of the web server is to display this data in an organized and meaningful manner on a private, password protected web page.

Many people mistakenly believe cell phone spying is a scam or is not real because they don’t understand exactly how cell phone spying works. The lack of peoples beliefs in the validy of mobile tracking technology is largely due to lots of misinformation and lies online about cell phone spying, such as being able to spy on a mobile without installing spyware or being able to spy on a mobile just by having its phone number.

There are many reasons people spy on mobile phones, but suspicious of infidelity is the most common reason. The majority of people who purchase and use this tracking technology spy on a mobile device illegally.

Reasons for Monitor a Cell Phone

  • A parent wanting to use parental tracking software to track the location and activities of their son or daughter. Second most popular use of mobile device tracker apps. Sexting of minors should be of great concern to parents.
  • A relationship partner in fear their significant other is committing infidelity. This is the number #1 reason phone spyware is purchased and use. By using a phone spy on the partners mobile the suspicious person has access to evidence that will prove or deny their suspicions.
  • Company Employee Monitoring: the least commonly used reason for cell phone spy. For use on company issued mobile devices.

Types of Cell Phone Spy

  • Software Based: this is the most common type of cell phone spy which involves the install of a small app to the mobile device to be monitored. The app runs hidden, in the background of the cell phones processes. The job of this software based smart phone app is to gather and relay information about use of the phone (calls, text messages, location, etc.) to a web server which can be viewed by logging in to the web server with the username and password which are provided by the cell phone spy vendor you purchased the tracking product from. This is the most common and most popular method of phone spying because access to the target phone is only required once for an initial setup.
  • Hardware Based: this generally refers to SIM card readers. SIM Card Readers are a much less popular option for mobile tracking and monitoring because the cell phones SIM card must be removed and inserted into the SIM Card Reader every time someone wants to extract information from the target phone. Most often, people who wish to track a cell phone do not have such liberal access to the target mobile device. Another drawback to SIM Card Readers is the amount of history information that can be stored on it is limited which means regular access to the SIM card is required for there not to be lapses in the tracking of cell phone activities (calls, text messages, etc.).

How Cell Phone Spy Works

Software based Cell Phone Spy solutions are made up of two parts:

  1. The Spy App: this get installed to the phone or tablet you wish to track and monitor. This application is programmed to silently and invisibly monitors for communications and other activities of the mobile device which are called events. In programming, event just means ‘something happens’. When a phone call is made or received, this is an event. When a text is sent and recieved, this is an event. The smart phone spy app has programming code inserted in all events that correspond with that particular cell phone spy features. When these events occur the spy app silently uses the cell phones internet connection to transmit details of these events to a web server (the back end of the cell phone spy website). Details that are transmitted depend upon the event.As an example, in the case of phone calls, details transmitted to the web server include:
    • Date and time of call.
    • The phone number calls are made to (initiated calls) and received from (received calls).
    • How long (minutes) the calls lasts.
    • As another example, in the case of text messages, details transmitted to the web server include:
    • Date and time of text message.
    • The phone number texts are sent to (initiated texts) and received from (received texts).
    • The word for word contents of each text message.
  2. The Cell Phone Spy Web Server: this is the cell phone spy members area which receives the information which is forwarded by the spy app on the target cell phone. The job of the programming code on the cell phone spy web server is to take this information and data and display it in an organized, meaningful fashion. This is the cell phone spy website the customer logs in to with a provided username and password. This is where specific spy details of the target device are revealed.

How to Install and Use Cell Phone Spy

Although exact instructions vary depending upon the type of cell phone you are installing the program to and which program is being used the process for installing mobile tracking software is almost the same with all products.

  1. Use the target cell phone web browser to navigate to the address of the spy app.
  2. During the download, when prompted, input your serial license key.
  3. Shut down and restart the cell phone.

The entire process takes 5 – 10 minutes depending upon how tech savvy you are and your level of experience with cell phones and apps. Most of the better cell phone spy offer phone tech support to assist in this process.

Cell Phone Spy Cost

  • Cost of Software Based Cell Phone Spy: most cell phone spy vendors charge a recurring monthly, quarterly or yearly fee for access to the web server/members area where the spy details of the target phone reside. Prices vary from as little as about $10 for one month (PhoneBeagle) to as much as $349 for one year (Flexispy). There is even a phone spy costing around $500 for one year membership (Spyera). Most Cell Phone Spy Software cost between $70 – $120 for one year membership. There are a couple of Cell Phone Spy that charge a one time fee with no monthly or future fees (EasySpy).
  • Cost of Hardware Based Cell Phone Spy (SIM Card Reader): SIM Card Readers cost a one time charge of between $50 – $200. Least expensive SIM Card Readers can usually be obtained by searching Ebay Sim Card Readers.

Cell Phone Tracking Laws

Laws regarding the use of mobile monitoring applications varies from country to country and state to state. A general rule of thumb is that it is legal to install cell phone spy if one of these conditions is true:

  • Any phone you own AND are paying the cell phone bill for. If you purchased the cell phone for someone, say as a gift, but they are paying the bill and their name is on the cellular bill, it is not legal to spy on them. If you did not purchase the cell phone but your name is on the cellular account and you are paying the bill, it is not legal to spy on their mobile. You have to both own the phone and be the name on the cellular account.
  • A phone of a child of yours under the age of 18 years. It does not matter if they paid for the cell phone and/or are paying the cellular bill and their name is on the account. As a parent, you have every right to monitor and track a minor child of yours.
  • You notify the cell phone owner you are installing the software and they give permission. To protect yourself it’s a good idea to get their approval in writing.

Where to Get Cell Phone Spy

The following is a list of all, legitimate, cell phone spy software programs.

A search online for cell phone spy software will reveal many others but they are not in the list below for one of the following reasons:

  • The cell phone spy is merely a re-seller account, where an affiliate re-sells and re-brands one of the phone spy listed below.
  • The cell phone spy is very new so trust and credibility has not yet been established.
  • The cell phone spy is fraudulent, i.e., remote cell phone spy.

List of Cell Phone Spy Vendors

  • EasySpy: In business since May 2011. Costs one time payment of $69.
  • Flexispy: In business since July 2008. Price starts at $149 for one year. Price depends upon plan chosen.
  • Highster Mobile: in business since July 2011. Costs one time payment of $69.
  • MobileSpy: One of the most trusted companies in cell phone and computer spy applications. In business since April 2004. Price starts at $49 for three months. Price depends upon plan chosen.
  • Mobistealth: In business since July 2009. Price starts at $39 for three months. Price depends upon plan chosen.
  • mSpy: In business since April 2002. Price starts at $49 for six months. Price depends upon plan chosen.
  • PhoneBeagle: In business since Nov. 2009. Price starts at $49 for one year. Price depends upon plan chosen.
  • PhoneSheriff: In business since March 2011. Price starts at $59 for six months. Price depends upon plan chosen.
  • Spyera: In business since Aug. 2007. Price starts at $189 for three months.

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