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Computer Spy is software for monitoring and recording every detail of a computer activity including websites visited and keystrokes pressed.

This type of software is often physically, directly, installed to the PC you wish to monitor but there are computer spy that can be installed remotely via an email sent to the target computer. This remote install process allows computer spy to get installed in your machine without your consent or knowledge.

The better PC antivirus and anti-malware programs are usually good at detecting and alerting the PC owner to this type of software. Computer spy ranges in price from $20-$60. PC Spy is the right choice if you need to see what your spouse or kids are doing on their computer. It lets you see everything someone does on a computer, is the latest advanced technology software secretly monitoring your pc activities and captures the screenshots while someone is working on a laptop or desktop computer.

Computer Spy Features

Most all computer spy runs hidden in the background so as to not be detected by the person being monitored.

Features of most Computer Spy software include:

  • See websites visited at what time.
  • See exactly what was typed in websites visited. This feature allows for the revealing of usernames and passwords typed into websites.
  • View chat conversations within various chat apps such as AIM, Yahoo, Skype.
  • Get keyword alerts which notify immediately you if a particular word or phrase has been typed on the target computer.
  • Set restrictions which allow you to block applications and/or website on the target computer or laptop.

Some of the better Computer Spy software have live control panel which lets you see, in the Computer Spy members area, exactly what they are seeing on their computer screen, live, as it is happening.
Most computer spy is fully compatible with: windows 95, windows 98, windows 98 se, windows me, windows 2000, windows nt, windows xp, windows 7, windows vista, windows 8 and there is even pc surveillance software for monitor MAC computers. Some computer spy are so stealth and hides so well not even a computer technician with years of experience could detect it running.

Reasons for using Computer Spy

The two main reasons people install and use computer spy:

  • To see if a partner or love interest is cheating.
  • For parents to monitor and/or control/restrict the activities of children.

Computer Spy to Catch Cheating Spouse

This is the number one reason both computer spy and cell phone spy are used. By monitoring all of the social and internet activities via cell phone spy a person can see if their partner or spouse is talking to people they should not be. Most computer spy can monitor and track all web browsing activity which includes:

  • Web sites visited.
  • Usernames and passwords saved that are entered into members websites such as dating sites.

Most computer spy is also capable of monitoring and recording all chat sessions such as AIM and Yahoo instant messenger.

Parental Monitoring via Computer Spy

Parents are also interested in the same monitoring and tracking features of computer spy but the ability to set controls and restrictions on a son or daughters computer are just as important to parents. Most good computer spy allows you to set restrictions or controls such as:

  • App Filter: Block applications from being used on the remote computer.
  • ImageWeb Filter: Create blacklists and whitelists of restricted and allowed websites.
  • ImageChat IM Filter: Choose from a list of popular chat messengers and IMs to block.
  • imageSocial Media Filter: Block social networking websites from being accessed on the remote computer.
  • ImageTime Control: Set the times that the user can and cannot use the computer.

Popular Computer Spy Programs

  • Sniper Spy: made by RetinaX corporation. This is one of the most highly reviewed and most powerful computer spy applications that exist. RetinaX has been in business creating spy related products since around 2000.
  • Spytech Spy: provides users with award winning PC computer monitoring, employee monitoring, spy software, and parental control software for home users and businesses.
  • WebWatcher: WebWatcher has monitoring software compatible with many devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, Android & BlackBerry.

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