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Content Spinning is a process of taking a unique piece of content such as an article or blog post and creating multiple variations of the same content, usually with spinning software, by substituting words and phrases with synonyms and phrase variations so each of the content variations will appear different and unique to search engines and website visitors.

Why Content Spin?

The reason Content Spinning is used is to save time. Creating 100 unique, separate articles would take days, even if using speech to text software but creating one single article and then creating 99 spun versions would take less than one hour. For website and blog owners being able to produce this much content this fast helps attract more visitors as each spun article can harvest more visitors from search engines.

Content Spinning helps website and blog owners to avoid duplicate content penalties which would ensue if the producer of content merely copied and pasted the same identical article multiple times. Content Spinning is most often employed by affiliate marketers.

How Content Spinning Software Works

Content spinning via content spinning software is one way of getting more exposure as you can submit the same content to many different sites and directories, publish it in more than one location, and generally use it more effectively as a visitor harvesting asset. How effective spun content is at fooling search engines into thinking each piece of content is unique depends upon how well the content is spun. This depends greatly upon how much preparation and care goes into the seed article. More often than not spun content online looks unnatural and is very awkward to read. There are online Content Spinning services online.

Content Spinning Online

Fiverr is an online resource many use for content creation and Content Spinning. The main drawback to Content Spinning is it is a tactic search engines are becoming wise to so its effectiveness is less than it was and will probably be even less effective in the future. The best way to avoid this is by using multiple variations of entire phrases and multiple word variations as opposed to merely providing synonym variations of a single word or two.

An example of the syntax used for Content Spinning software consider the following sentence:

  • Content Spinning can be effective if time is put into the seed article.

That sentence properly structured for Content Spinning software would look like:

  • {Content|Article|Website page} {spinning|rewriting|re-wording} {can be|is|just might be} {effective|beneficial|valuable} if {time is put into|care is taken with} the {seed|original} {article|content|peice of writing}.

Once this sentence has been spun with the Content Spinner in a matter of seconds you would have variations such as:

  • Article rewriting can be beneficial if care is taken with the seed article.
  • Website page rewriting can be beneficial if time is put into the seed piece of writing.
  • Content spinning is valuable if care is taken with the original content.
  • Article rewriting just might be effective if care is taken with the seed piece of writing.
  • Article re-wording can be beneficial if time is put into the original article.

Content Spinning software randomly grabs variations within each {} between each pipe character | to create unique variations with each spin.

Content Spinning Software Programs

Examples of content spinning software programs include:

  • Chimp Rewriter.
  • The Best Spinner.
  • Spin Bot.
  • Spinner Chief

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