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CreditSecret is a DIY home credit repair kit utilizing very specific methods and 100% legal loophole for repairing your credit score very rapidly using a specific peice of information found in the fair credit reporting act document.

The Credit Secret kit was created by Scott Hilton. The story behind Scott Hilton and how he came up with CreditSecret was his credit was ruined as his bills mounted higher than his income. Late payments and other derogatory items caused his credit score to drop to 471. Out of desperation he obtained a copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Credit Secrets Revealed

Within Fair Credit Reporting Act Documents Scott found information that is the basis of Credit Secret. Credit Secret offers a specific step by step blueprint for individuals to follow to repair their credit and raise their credit score 100 points or more.

Credit Secret Review

Scott Hilton claims to have used Credit Secret to remove 100%, all 12 negative entries on his own credit report raising his score to 749. Credit Secret website was created Aug. 2012. Credit Secret credit repair system costs a one time $47 and is backed by a 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee.