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EasySpy Cell Tracker is a smart phone application, by IFL Mobile Apps, used for the purposes of monitoring and tracking the activities and communications of a cell phone.

EasySpy is most commonly used to track the activities of a potentially unfaithful partner or parental monitoring software so parents can see what their minor son or daughter is doing with their cell phone. Easy Spy mobile tracking features include monitoring and tracking of calls, text messages, physical location, social activity (Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Line Chat, BBM, Whatsapp, WeChat, Instagram), emails, web history.

EasySpy is not a remote phone spy and must be installed to the target cell phone or tablet to be monitored with Easy Spy. One feature of Easy Spy that gives it good reviews compared to other cell phone spy is it is one of the only mobile spyware costing a one time fee of $69 with no monthly or recurring fees.

Easy Spy Features

Easy Spy can track and monitor the following communications and activities of a mobile device.

  • Text Messages: all text messages, both sent and received, are displayed in your Easy Spy members area. You will be able to view the date and time of each text message, phone numbers text messages are sent to and received from. You’ll also be able to view the exact contents of every sent and received text message.
  • Phone Calls: all phone calls, both made and received, are viewable in your Easy Spy members area. You will be able to see the date and time of every phone call, how long each call lasts, phone numbers phone calls are made to and received from.
  • Location: this particular Easy Spy feature is made possible because the spy app residing on the target phone, hijacks the GPS tracking built into all mobile phone’s today. In your Easy Spy members area you will be able to view a map that shows plotted pinpoints indicating locations the target mobile device, and the person holding the mobile device, have been to. You will also be able to see where they are right now.
  • Web Browsing: see all websites visited by the target mobile device. Each website visited by the target mobile is hyperlinked to you can easily view the websites they’ve been to. Each of the websites visited entries is date and time stamped as well.
  • Emails: see all emails sent and received by the mobile device with Easy Spy installed. In your Easy Spy members area view date and time of every sent and received email, who emails are sent to and received from. You will be able to see every sent and received email, word for word.
  • Social Activity: this includes activity that occurs on some of the most popular social networking and sharing sites online including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Chat App Sessions: you will be able to view detailed sent and received chat activity that occurs on installed and used chat applications. This includes WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, Line Chat, We Chat.
  • Remote Uninstall: this feature allows you to instantly remove the spy application, and all traces, from the target mobile device. Uninstalling Easy Spy, in this manner, does not require access to the target phone. Remote uninstall is performed from within your Easy Spy members Control Panel.

Easy Spy Compatibility

Easy Spy can be installed to and is compatible with the following mobile devices.

  • All Apple devices (Iphone, IPad).
  • All Android devices.
  • All Tablets.

Installing Easy Spy

Instructions for installing the Easy Spy spy app varies slightly depending upon the exact device you are installing it to but the overall process is the same. Immediately after purchase Easy Spy will send you an email that will contain your username and password to your members area as well as the serial key to the product. This is where you view all the communications and activities of the device you are installing the cell phone spy to. You will also receive the url to the actual spy app which gets installed to the device you are going to track. To install Easy Spy:

  1. Launch the mobile devices web browser.
  2. Navigate to the url of the Easy Spy spy application. It will begin downloading.
  3. During the download and install process you will be prompted to input your serial key. Enter your serial key.
  4. Once download is complete, shut down and restart the mobile device.

You can then log in to your members area with your username and password at any time 24/7/365.

Easy Spy Review

The Easy Spy website was created on May 2011 and is owned and operated by Jay Lange and Patrick Hinchy, IFL Mobile Apps. Easy Spy cell phone spy biggest strength is its one time price of $69 with no monthly or future fees. Most other cell phone spy charge a recurring, ongoing monthly, quarterly or yearly fee. Easy Spy has all the expected features of a cell phone spy. Easy Spy lacks the more advance spy features you will find in the more expensive phone spyware (flexispy, spyera) such as listening to phone conversations live and live surround audio bugging.

Easy Spy comes with a 10 day money back guarantee. All sales and refunds for Easy Spy are handled by the independent third party credit card payment processor Avanagate which is a good sign and indicates Easy Spy is a trustworthy business because companies with a high chargeback ratio (refunds) can not remain members.