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Ez Sniper is a web based service that places a bid for you on Ebay.com (or other auction site) in the final seconds of an auction before an Ebay auction ends to greatly increase your chances of winning the auction.

Ez Sniper also supports several other auction sites besides Ebay. Ez Sniper refers to this last second bid winning as sniping. Ez Sniper has a free trial period (no credit card required) so you can try out Ez Sniper for a certain number of snipes.

How EZ Sniper Works

The way Ez Sniper website works is EZ sniper is synchronized precisely with the auction site’s clock and continuously monitors the connection between Ez Sniper servers and the auction site. When the time to bid arrives in the final seconds of the auction EZ sniper submits your bid. To start using Ez Sniper to snipe and Ebay auction:

  1. Enter your (or other auction site) username, password and email address and click the join button.
  2. Anytime there is an auction you are interested in winning simply log in to Ez Sniper, input the auction number, the max bid your willing to pay, and click the snipe button.
  3. In the last few seconds of the auction Ez Sniper will place your bid for you as long as the current bid is less than your max bid ensuring you win the auction at your desired price.

EZ Sniper Membership

Once the trial number of snipes has been used Ez Sniper membership plans include:

  • 1% commission of total auction win price meaning if you win an auction at $100 Ez Sniper is paid $1.
  • Ez Sniper subscription which is 1 month/$11.99, 3 months/$29.99, 6 months/$49.99, 12 months/$79.99.
  • Pre paid sniping where you purchase a certain number of snipes at 10 snipes/$21.99 or 25 snipes/$39.99

Ez Sniper is safe to use as it is secured by Digicert SSL digital certificate authority. Ez Sniper has been in business online since April 2002.