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Hide My Ass is a proxy server service (VPN or virtual private network) that anonymizes and encrypts internet connection and web browsing for the purpose of maintaining privacy and allowing access to blocked content online.

Hide My Ass has a database of free working public proxies. If you use Hide My Ass Premium service (one time $25 fee for life) Hide My Ass will send the updated proxy server list to your inbox every day in raw .txt format. Hide My Ass VPN service allows you to use the internet and surf the web 24/7 through Hide My Ass VPN software program.

This software features include:

  • Select the country and city you wish to appear you are surfing from.
  • Randomly change IP address at time intervals you specify.
  • Choose from a list of proxy servers sorted by connection speed.
  • Select the type of proxy connection (direct, http, socks).

Hide My Ass Web Proxy List

Hide My Ass publishes a free proxy server list which is frequently updated and checked for connectivity and speed.

This list can be filtered to include or exclude:

  • Ports.
  • Countries.
  • Protocol (http, https, socks).
  • Anonymity level (non, low, medium, high).
  • Speed (slow, medium, fast).
  • Connection time (slow, medium, fast).

Hide My Ass VPN

Hide My Ass website has VPN service works seamlessly with every type of application including:

  • Website with complicated server sided code most proxy servers don’t work well with.
  • Computer, game consoles, Apple TV (router VPN service).

Hide My Ass VPN proxy server has three different packages:

  1. $9.99 for one month.
  2. 12 months $4.99 per month.
  3. 6 months $6.67 per month.