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MaxBounty is a CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing network which provides affiliate marketers the opportunity to become affiliates for different companies (vendors) and earn extra money for every website visitor they bring to these companies.

MaxBounty uses the CPA or cost per action affiliate model which means the affiliate will earn income with website visitors they bring through their affiliate marketing efforts without that visitor having to purchase anything. Visitors only have perform some simple action such as submitting their email address or zip code to find out more information about that vendors service or product.

How Maxbounty Works

The way Maxbounty works is you fill out an application form at their website. While many other affiliate programs automatically approve anyone most CPA networks pre screen applicants. Maxbounty wants to ensure its affiliates have a certain amount of affiliate marketing experience. The approval process is much more likely if you have a website that is your own domain name (not a subdomain website like Weebly, Blogger or WordPress) that has been registered and online for at least a few months. A Maxbounty employee will likely call you within a few days to do an over the phone interview which basically consists of determining what marketing and promotion methods you will use to promote Maxbounty. Once approved you can log in to Maxbounty and get links for CPA offers you are interested in promoting.

Maxbounty CPA Scam

MaxBounty is a well respected industry leader in the CPA field. The Cost Per Action affiliate model has notoriously been fraught with scam and network instability and MaxBounty is one of the most solidly established, reputable CPA affiliate networks. MaxBounty, like other affiliate networks, acts as a middleman pairing together affiliates with vendors. MaxBounty also handles all of the financial transactions keeping track of affiliates earnings and paying affiliates. They one of the most morally sound affiliate networks, especially in the field of CPA.

MaxBounty has a reputation of not allowing spam or deceptive advertising practices by its affiliates on social websites as well as always paying its affiliates on time. MaxBounty is known as a loyal partner for people who want to develop their online business income. Located in Ontario Canada in business online since September 2003 MaxBounty can be contacted by phone at 1-613-834-3955 or visit their website at maxbounty.com. All MaxBounty affiliates are assigned affiliate managers. These affiliate managers can be contacted any time by their affiliate either through phone or email.