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Penis Growth Guide Is A Step-by-step Guide Of A Method You Can Use To Increase Your Manhood Naturally By Removing The Limitations Of A Two-layer Connective Tissue Called The Tunica Albuginea (directly Involved In Maintaining An Erection) That Restricts The Male Organ From Growing Past Its Current Length.

The male sex organ is made up of muscles and connective tissues. Naturally enlarging the size involves using specific exercises that stress and train specific muscles in the penis which cause a permanent increase in its size and firmness in two ways:

  1. Creating an actual increase in the size of the muscles of the penis.
  2. Increasing blood flow to the penis.

Penis Growth Guide Reviews

Penis Growth Guide reviews from 98% of Penis Growth Guide customers report visible changes in length and girth of the penis within three to four weeks after starting the Penis Growth Guide system.
Reported average increases in size vary from:

  • Length: one inch up to two and one half inches increase.
  • Girth: one half to one inch increase.

Alternative Enlargement Options

Benefits and drawbacks to alternatives to Penis Growth Guide for enlargement include:

Penis Enlargement Surgery:

  • Benefit: produces permanent increases in size.
  • Drawback: expense – prices starting at $3,500.

Enlargement Supplements or Pills:

  • Benefit: none.
  • Drawback: completely ineffective at producing increases in size.

Penis Pump:

  • Benefit: causes increase in size by increasing blood flow.
  • Drawback: can cause pain and/or damage. Increases in size are temporary.

Enlargement Growth Guide Exercises

Exercises found inside Penis Growth Guide for the purpose of naturally creating permanent increases in penis size include exercises that both stretch and strengthen the penis.

The three basic types of penis enlargement exercises are:

  1. Penis growth exercises that increase the capillaries of the penis. The increase in capillaries, by itself, causes a slight enlargement of the penis plus the resulting increase in blood flow results in an increase in size. This is most noticable during an erection when blood flow to the penis is greatest.
  2. Penis growth exercises that work the muscles of the penis which causes an enlargement of the muscles of the penis.
  3. Exercises that stretch the penis. Over time, these stretching exercise will lead to a permanent increase in length.

Growth Guide Exercises and Safety

Performing some of the penis enlargement exercises contained in the Penis Growth Guide may cause slight discomfort and this is to be expected. If any of the exercises produce more than slight discomfort then the intensity of them should be reduced or those particular exercises should be avoided altogether.

Example of a Penis Stretching Exercise

  1. Hold the base of your penis with one hand.
  2. Grab the tip of your penis with the other hand and stretch it out until slight discomfort.
  3. Hold this position for 15 – 30 seconds.

For more effective, more rapid, gains in length there are penis stretching devices that can be attatched to the penis and worn all day the produce the same stretching action. Penis length gains will be more rapid as the penis if being stretch for hours at a time instead of a few minutes. The stretching intensity of these devices can be adjust to any desired level. Re-Adjust as the penis lengthens.