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PianoForAll is a complete and comprehensive online tutorial for learning how to play the piano or keyboard.

PianoForAll is a very in depth course that teaches an individual how to play piano. This piano lessons online website has been online and in business since 2005. It can be a good quality choice primarily for starters or intermediate piano players.

Piano For All Materials

PianoForAll teaches how to play piano via:

  • 10 E-books.
  • 200 videos.
  • 500 audio clips.

These resources get you playing simple versions of classic songs and help you build your skills to master complex material by the programs end. PianoForAll helps make the learning process become fun and efficient instead of mundane technical way. It helps you to see the keyboard (and piano sheet music) in a new way. It is described as an easy and fast way to learn piano at whatever level you are. PianoForAll course is specially designed for people who want to quickly learn the basics of playing piano and then to jump straight into learning progressions and chords. PianoForAll is an detailed online piano learning course consisting of audio, video and text.

Piano For All Review

This piano and keyboard lessons online is a little different from the other online piano courses in that it teaches you how to play by ear, how to use chord charts and how to read music all at the same time right from the absolute basic level. Robin Halls PianoForAll is designed to get you playing the piano within days. The entire piano/keyboard lessons kit comes with a 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee. The person who created this entire piano instruction kit is named Robin Hall from Belfast and can be reached by email at Robin [at] pianoforall [dot] com. Everything is immediately downloadable after the one time $49 payment.

The most talked about and highly praised feature of the PianoForAll course are the 500 audio piano lessons embedded directly within the E-books relevant to the current specific piano lesson. Click on the sound icon beside each exercise and you instantly hear an audio piano lesson.

Piano For All Course Lessons

PianoForAll also comes with 10 additional bonus piano/keyboard lessons E-books including:

  1. Book 1 – Party Time / Play By Ear / Rhythm Piano.
  2. Book 2 – Blues and Rock & Roll.
  3. Book 3 – Chord Magic.
  4. Book 4 – Advanced Chords made Easy.
  5. Book 5 – Ballad Style.
  6. Book 6 – Jazz Piano made Easy.
  7. Book 7 – Advanced Blues & Fake Strike.
  8. Book 8 – Taming the Classics.
  9. Book 9 – Speed Learning.
  10. Book 10 – Bumper Resource Book.