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Proxify is a anonymous proxy service with software and web browser add on solutions to allow surfing the internet with anonymity and privacy.

Proxify allows you to hide your IP address and be anonymous online by bouncing and encrypting your internet connection through proxy servers across the globe. With Proxify, you can visit websites but they cannot uniquely identify or track you. Proxify allows you to choose the location your computer appears to be located from a list of 1,200+ different locations across the globe.

Proxify Anonymity Solutions

Proxify service has different ways to encrypt and hide your identity online:

  • Windows Tray Application. (Proxify Tray Application integrates the Proxify service directly into the Windows taskbar).
  • Mac OS X Menulet. (Proxify Menulet integrates the Proxify service directly into Mac OS X menubar).
  • Firefox Toolbar. (Proxify Toolbar integrates the Proxify service directly into the Firefox web browser).
  • Manual proxy configuration. (can be used with Safari, Firefox, Internet Exploreer, Iphone, Ipads and Ipods).
  • Web-based proxy. (web-based proxy provides access to the Proxify Basic and Proxify Pro services entirely in your Web browser).

Proxify Anonymity Membership

Proxify hiding service has a free trial and three plans:

Proxify Basic: $10 per month

  • Get automatically routed to the fastest and geographically closest of 10 proxy locations around the world.
  • Ability to use our custom-built Mac OS X Menulet, Windows Tray Application, and Firefox Toolbar.
  • Access to the entire constellation of 1,300 Proxify Satellites.
  • File size limit of 50MB per file.

Proxify Pro: $50 per month

All the features of Basic plus:

  • Permission to use Proxify for commercial purposes.
  • Increased file size limit 200MB per file.
  • Priority support.

Proxify Switch Proxy: $100 per month

All the features of Basic and Pro plus:

  • Automatically randomize or rotate the selected satellites (support tens of millions of requests per hour).

Proxify Review

Proxify is operated by UpsideOut, Inc., 1333A North Avenue, Suite 315, New Rochelle, NY, 10804-2120, USA. Proxify IP address hiding proxy service website was created April 2003. Paypal and all major credit cards accepts for all Proxy server services.