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The Rich Jerk is a pseudonym for a man by the name of Kelly Felix who made a fortune on the internet around 2003 via internet marketing and affiliate sales and sold an E-book entitled ‘The Rich Jerk’ which revealed many of his online money making techniques and principles.

The Rich Jerk was one of the very first online tutorials for how to make money online and sales of Kelly Felix “The Rich Jerk” produced a small fortune for him as well.

Contents of The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerks E-book details seven core ideas you can use to make money on the internet:

  • Creating an affiliate website.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Strategies.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Creating and selling your own information product.
  • Buying wholesale and selling on eBay.
  • Websites you can make profitable right now.

The information in The Rich Jerk is more aimed towards the newbie – someone new to the concept of making money online. One of the reasons Kelly Felix was so successful with affiliate marketing is he used shocking headlines that actually insulted people such as “I am Rich and you are NOT because your Stupid!” hence the pseudonym The Rich Jerk. This shock approach accomplished the first secret of all headlines and internet marketing which is get the customers attention.

Some of his money making techniques are outdated today simply because the competition in affiliate marketing has exploded over the past several years and pay per click advertising is much more costly and involved today. At last check The Rich Jerk E-book is no longer available but another similar E-book is available entitled Become Hated. The Rich Jerk E-book was also wildly popular because unlike most informational publications The Rich Jerk was all meat and no fluff and revealed Kelly Felix techniques in about 35 pages. It is straight to the point and tells you exactly how you can begin making money online.