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WhatsYourPrice is a dating website where generous men bid on first dates with attractive younger women with bids starting at $5.

The main idea or concept behind WhatsYourPrice is the attempt at solving a common dating problem for both men and women at regular dating sites:

  • Men have a difficult time getting responses to first, introductory, messages sent to women.
  • Attractive women get inundated with overwhelming number of messages from guys on dating sites.

By putting an actual monetary price on first dates at WhatsYourPrice, mens attempts to get noticed go up considerably because the women are getting paid. Because first dates cost money the number of interested men a women has to deal with goes down considerably.

Types of Women on WhatsYourPrice

Bear in mind there are several types of women who are members of WhatsYourPrice Dating:

  • Legitimate, single ladies who really want to meet a successful man for long term relationship.
  • Women who are substance dependant looking for quick, easy money.
  • Women looking for a sugar daddy and are only interested in using a man for what he can provide her monetarily in terms of gifts or payments.
  • A women who is only interested in making money in exchange for an intimate encounter.

Meeting Quality Women on WhatsYourPrice

As a general rule if you want to meet a quality female partner at WhatsYourPrice:

  • Bid only on dates with women near your age group.
  • Don’t offer a bid of higher than $50 for any date.

If you are looking to meet a women for the purpose of developing a healthy, honest, long term, relationship WhatsYourPrice dating is not the best site to participate in or join.

How WhatsYourPrice works

  • Create a profile which is free and similar to other dating sites. Include profile pictures for better results.
  • When you find women who are appealing place a bid on a first date with them. Anywhere between $30 – $50 is ideal for those seeking meaningful long term relationships.
  • The woman has the option of accepting or rejecting your bid in which case she can counter you bid with a different number.
  • Once the women accepts your bid for a first date with her, in order to communicate with her you have to ‘unlock’ the date which means pay a small amount of money (credits) to be able to start communicating with her.

Is WhatsYourPrice Prostitution

The owners of WhatsYourPrice cover their bases by specifically on their website that they do not allow prostitution or financially compensated sex acts of any sort and WhatsYourPrice dating is not prostitution website, per se, but there are women on WhatsYourPrice who are looking for a sugar daddy or a financially compensated relationship on some level.